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What Size Pool Pump Do I Need?

by Mary

A pool pump is a very crucial aspect of a swimming pool. It helps to filter, remove dirt/clean, and circulate water through it. When it comes to having a good pool pump, Aquagem is a good place to start.

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However, if you’re in dark about how to find the right pool pump, then keep reading this article.

How Do I Know What Pool Pump Size to Use?

Although it’s good to use a pump equal to your pool, you can’t just use any size of pump for your pool. That’s because the right pool pump ensures the steady/regular flow of water. To know this, you must do some basic calculations. Let’s dissect them below:

  1. The first thing you must do is to calculate the volume/liters your pool needs, thus giving you an overall view.
  2. Now, know the time it takes for the pump to circulate water i.e. the flow rate. it can either be 4-6 hours depending on if it’s an indoor or outdoor pool.
  3. Determine the total dynamic head (T.D. H). This implies that you must know the amount of energy needed for the pump to get water into the pool. Remember to consider any friction or obstacle from the basin.
  4. When you have the aforementioned flow rate of water and the dynamic head, it will now aid you in calculating the exact size of the pump you need. It will also guide you in choosing the right pool filter for it.

What Pool Pump Size Can I Use for An Oval or Round Pool?

Another important thing to note is the right pump size for an above-the-ground level pool; it can either be round or oval. Below are simple, helpful tips that will guide you through:

1. Round Pool:

  • For a 10,000 gallons pool capacity, use 1 square foot.
  • 1 HP pool pump is needed for a 24 ft. round pool.
  • Use a 1.5 HP pool pump for a 24 ft. round pool.
  • If the pool is over 24 ft. round, don’t use less than a 1.5 HP pool pump.

2. Oval Pool:

  • Get a 1 HP pool pump for an oval pool of 15×30.
  • If it’s over 15×30, use a 1.5 HP pool pump.

What Are the Benefits of a Good Pool Pump Size?

There are a lot of benefits that accrue to you not just using a pool pump but the one with the appropriate size. I will give you some of them underneath.

  1. It stops the problem of insufficient water or circulation.
  2. The noise is reduced and there’s a guarantee of a long span since there’s appropriate circulation.
  3. Finally, the programming is flexible as you will have a good time of use.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! If you’re looking to set up a pool or replace the pool pump in your home, finding the right size of the pool pump matters. This guide helps you figure out how you can easily cop one when the need arises.

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