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Top signs that you have got a bad pressure washer

by Mary

Pressure Washers have proven to be of great use in terms of cleaning tough and hard-to-reach Stains. However, it can be quite a letdown when at some point due to one reason or the other, they cease to function properly.

Same as any other electrical or mechanical device, a wall-mounted pressure washer might be unable to function due to several reasons. Some of which you might be able to spot in an instant, while at other times it could be for a reason you least expect.

In some instances, you might be able to resolve whatever issue it might have simply by inspecting and replacing the damaged parts if possible.

While at other times the only way to make it fully functional once more is by seeking the help of a professional repairer.

It is not unusual for people to become accustomed to their Pressure Washers. As such, if it suddenly begins to malfunction, they might have to do their cleaning the old-fashioned way since it can be difficult to detect the actual reason for it to not function as it should.

In this article, we’ll be going through how a Pressure Washer works and the various factors that could damage or hinder it from working properly.

Reasons why a Pressure Washer might become un-operational

1· The filter

When a pressure Washer is connected via a hose, to a source of water, the user is expected to ensure that there is no room for leakages.

As water flows from the hose it passes through a filter before getting into the water pump itself.

The filter is of utmost importance as it ensures that the water pump doesn’t get clogged up by dirt particles over time.

In a situation whereby you notice that the pressure washer isn’t spraying with enough pressure as it usually does, then there’s a possibility that there’s a breach in the filter. Therefore giving way for dirt particles to block the regulator which is necessary for determining the pressure at which water is pumped out.

Although this scenario rarely ever occurs it still wouldn’t hurt to check if the filter is still in good condition.

2· Regulator and Electrical current

As a result of bad or faulty regulators, some pressure washers can be affected by extremely high or very low electrical voltage.

It could become evident when the spray gun begins to spray water at an exceedingly higher rate than usual or when the water pressure seems weaker than it normally is.

3· The spray gun

Very unlikely, but also a possibility. After inspection of other parts of the pressure washer and making sure they are in good shape, the spray gun should be checked or even replaced as a last resort. You can easily purchase a new gun at an affordable price if every other form of servicing proves futile.

4· How to maintain your Pressure Washer

Having to fix your pressure washer at some point is inevitable, however, you also have to play your part by taking steps to maintain it for as long as you can.

A lot of times people don’t bother going through the user manual, hence they make mistakes that end up damaging the machine. Therefore you should endeavor to go through the user manual to avoid mistakes that can be costly later on.


The best way to keep your pressure washer up and running is by servicing it once in a while, as this reduces the chances of it developing serious problems in the future.

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