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Helpful tips for maintaining your bathroom cabinets

by Mary
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It’s important to maintain your bathroom cabinets since it’s where you place your toiletries and other essential bathroom necessities.

Doing so has numerous benefits including preventing the formation of germs and bacteria that pose a threat to ones’ health. On top of that, regular maintenance ensures the bathroom cabinets remain in top shape longer.

To do that, here are some tips that will be of assistance.

Avoid Exposure to Water and Moisture

Since most cabinets are made from wood or cardboard materials, they are susceptible to damage when exposed to water, steam or moisture. The ones at most risk are those cabinets nearer the sink since they encounter water more often.

In that case, wiping them dry regularly will prevent them from soaking up water and moisture that can cause the paint to start chipping off or molds to begin to form.

Also avoid placing warm hair dryers, having a dripping or leaking faucets and placing wet clothes on or around the cabinet area. If you have movable bathroom cabinets then it will be best to relocate them to drier parts of the bathroom.

Use Recommended Cleaners and Polishes

Cabinets regardless of the materials they are made off are very sensitive and require taking care of properly. Constantly cleaning them becomes important. However, it is imperative to clean them with appropriate cleaners.

Using unrecommended cleaners will damage your bathroom cabinets over time. If your cabinets are made of glass or mirrors, then you will need to invest in glass cleaners. Home-made remedy that includes one teaspoon of vinegar and one teaspoon of alcohol will work perfectly.

For wooden cabinets, use appropriate wood cleaners and polishes to avoid damaging the wood. additionally, using citric acid, organic solvents, ammonia, bleach and wiping clothes with rough surfaces should be avoided as they can damage cabinet surfaces.

Lookout for Abrasions and Scratches

Scratched up cabinet surfaces always makes the cabinet look old and worn out. Always use soft cloths when cleaning your bathroom cabinets.

Moreover, avoid using dry wiping clothes instead use wet woollen cloth and wipe it gently from side to side.

To further protect them from abrasion and scratches, it will be appropriate to have floating bathroom cabinets especially when you have opted to go for a glass-based cabinet. Floating cabinets are the best since they will not be easily knocked or hit by ground objects.

Maintain Proper Temperatures and Humidity Levels

Excessive temperature and humidity levels in your bathroom can affect the cabinets. The exposure may make the wood or glass contract and expand damaging them in the process. Finding ways to control the temperature and humidity in your bathroom will come in handy.

Sometimes the weather outside can alter with the temperature inside, so, regular temperature regulation will protect your cabinets from any unforeseen damages. Therefore, inspect your bathroom air ducts, and ensure the thermostat is installed and working properly.

Repair and Replace Broken Parts

Cabinets come with different parts including hinges, nuts, bolt, nails, and handles. All these need to be maintained to ensure the cabinets serve you for long periods.

Broken parts should be replaced or repaired where necessary. Loose nails should be hammered in place. Loose nuts and bolts fastened, and hinges and handles replaced with high-quality ones.

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