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No more discomfort with Milfra home automation

by Mary

2020 is the year in which smart home applications and devices are all encompassing and impressive than ever. Using your smartphone isn’t just to ask the Google Assistant to play your favorite movie. Now you can use these virtual platforms to turn your lights, televisions, or Air conditioners off. Whenever you are looking to get some smart home products, you have to go for Milfra home automation. They have designed their products with unique designs and integrated the best technology in the products. So, if you are interested in turning your simple homes into latest homes, check out some of the products which they have for us.

Smart Light Switch

Introduce yourself with a smart life by bringing the smart light switch in your house. The product enables you to control the lights of your rooms in an intelligent and smart way. It has a cool application control feature allowing you to control the lights through a mobile application. Install the application on your cellphone and say goodbye to physical touch with switches. The switch’s smart timing feature offers you to set the time schedule of turning lights on or off. It also gives you a voice control feature that you can use with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The switch has four overload protections providing you full security and safety. Hence you can install them at your places without any fear or danger.

Portable Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Now thanks to the latest technology, distance does not matter to control your electrical home accessories. All you need is a good internet connection and a cellphone or an operating system, and you are good to go. These portable Wi-Fi smart plugs can be controlled through wireless connection i.e., Wi-Fi. You are at your office and forget to turn off the fan? No worries, just go to the Milfra application, turn off the smart plug from your phone, and your fan will be turned off. These portable plugs can be installed at your desired place with ease. They also have LED indicators of vibrant colors for indicating whether the plugs are supplying electricity or not. They are white in color, offering you the option of installing them at wall of any color.

Features of Milfra home automation products:

The Milfra home automation products come with multiple top-notch features. Some of these fantastic features are as follows:

  • Lightweight
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Completely Certified
  • Safe to use
  • Latest and modern design
  • Multiple protection
  • Effortless installation

Be the smart one

Milfra home automation products can meet any kind of your requirement. You can make your old school homes into latest style homes by installing their home automation products. So investing in these products will be a smart move as they will make bring a recognizable change in your lifestyle. In simple words, you can control your home or office by merely touching your mobile phone’s screen. You have to get these smart devices to enhance your life and experience what it feels like to live in an automated house.

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