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How to Replace the Hose on a Retractable Hose Reel

by Mary

Retractable hose reels are essential tools for gardeners and other applications that require hoses. Several types of reels can wind up a hose, but retractable reels have a special way of retracting on their own without tiring the operator. However, you experience some challenges when the hose is damaged and has to be swapped for a better quality hose. In this post, we look at how to replace a retractable hose reel hose.

How to Replace the Hose on Your Retractable Hose Reel

The hose is the main reason why you need a hose reel; hence it’s not useful without it. But note, you can replace the hose yourself and save some money or have an expert assist you. Quality hoses can be found in all leading reel stores at affordable prices.

Pull the hose out to its maximum limit and ensure the retraction wheel is locked to prevent the hose from rolling back. Lift the viewing panel to access or if the space is still limited, take it out completely for easier access to the locking bars. Locate some holes on the auto wheel and place the locking bars on the nearest ones. Ensure they are firmly secured before moving to the next step.

The hose is usually held in place on the auto-retraction wheel by a clamp. Remove the screws on both sides and keep them and the clap safely away from the inside mechanism. The internal hose connector has a white plastic clip attached to it that you need to take off, then separate the hose connector from the snap-on connection.

Unscrew the hose connector carefully from the hose as it will be useful again to attach the hose to the tap or other accessories like spray nozzles. Ensure you don’t misplace any of the parts by placing them together in a safe place. Finally, through a hole on the auto retraction guide, pull out the old hose to give room for the new one. Discard the hose or save it for use elsewhere, depending on your preferences.

Before fixing the new hose, ensure it’s of equal size as the old one in terms of width. It allows it to fit through every hole or connectors that were previously being used. The process of fixing the hose involves doing the removal process in reverse. Feed the hose through the guide hole and attach it to the existing hose connector. Put the clip back on the fitting and connect it back on the snap-on adaptor. Connect the hose connector and plug it onto the plastic adaptor. Put the hose clamp back by screwing it into position, then take out the locking bars from the retraction unit, and fix them in the hose wheel unit.

Lastly, pull the hose to free up the auto retraction reel, and the winding process begins.


You can replace your hose by following the steps above. Familiarise with parts of the retractable hose reel to understand all the parts mentioned in the guide. Swap your old hose with a new quality hose to last long and serve you better.

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