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Types and Applications of LED Panel

by Mary

An LED panel can be defined as an array of light-emitting diodes that are individually placed so that they can display specific video or animation patterns when they are looked at from a distance. Originally, LED panels were used for billboard advertisements, store signs as well as gaming displays. However, in recent years, the panels have started being incorporated in general lighting displays. The reason why this is the case is that LED panels are highly versatile as compared to traditional lighting. Another reason is that LED panels have lower energy demands than their counterparts. In this post, we look at the LED panel basics. 

LED Panel Designs

There are two main designs for LED panels. They are;

1. Original LED panel design

Original LED panel designs are those that come with a display head that is about one-eighth of one inch. This is equivalent to 0.32 meters. This is the size of the original diameter. Another feature of original LED panels is that they are organized in square assemblages. The square groupings feature separate red, green, and yellow (sometimes blue) LEDs. The groupings also allow for the simulation of pixel displays of a regular PC or TV screen. These displays are commonly applied in areas where the brightness of the display is not required to be intense.

2. Modern LED Panel

Modern LED panels are designed with displays that are based on a light-emitting diode, which is smaller than a regular head of a pin. They are also referred to as surface-mounted devices (SMD) by their size and design. Red, green, and blue LEDs found in an SMD display are usually mounted on a circuit board, which is controlled on a computer. The small size of the modern LED panels allows for viewing of the displays at a closer distance. They also prevent issues like visual distortion that were a significant problem with the first type of LED panel.

Modern LED panels use the latest technology, which allows them to deliver ultra-efficiency. They also deliver high light output when they are used in panel lights. Additionally, the panels use less power to produce the same amount of light that other types of lights use for a larger amount of energy.

These types of LED panels are often applied in areas with high amounts of brightness as well as areas where there is a need for rapid fluctuation of images. Some of these applications include sport arena displays, corporate, and modern billboard displays. They can also be utilized in high-profile areas likes auto and fashion shows. Other applications that keep increasing in popularity by the day include traffic lights, signals, and stage lights that are used in theaters and TV production centers.


LED panels, in general, are used in other areas like televisions and light bulbs. The most common application of LED panels is in LED panel lights. LED panels to come in a wide range of sizes. When choosing the best size, you must consider factors like the application of the panel. They are also available in a wide array of colors.

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