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Should You Use a Retractable Hose Reel?

by Mary

Purchasing a retractable hose reel from reel quick Inc is one of the most ideal ways to keep your hose neat, yet easily accessible. They usually come in an easy-to-use plastic container and a trigger, which allows you to pull back the hose whenever you want. To prevent the clumping together, it features a spring-loaded internal mechanism. This helps to distribute the hose to its different sides In the housing.

In case the hose heavily clumps together, there’s a big housing that can accommodate the whole reels. Keep scrolling to find out why you need to invest in a retractable hose reel.

Importance of a Retractable Hose Reel

Here’s why you should use a retractable hose reel.

1. Ensures Safety

The diary thing you should always ensure to look out for is your safety. If your hose is usually kept carelessly or unorganized, then the tendency of you slipping and falling often is high. You don’t also want to be this careless if you have a toddler in your home as they can easily get injured from a hard fall.

A good hose reel such as this will help you and your house hole to always stay safe.

2. Increases Efficiency

A retractable garden hose reel helps you to store your hose reel in a more organized way. This often makes it easy to reach for the hose whenever there’s a need for it. It’s also a great way of reducing tangles and knots. This, of course, allows you to save lots of time and improves efficiency as you can always keep the hose in control.

3. Prevents Damage and Leakages

Most times, when purchasing a product, you want to look out for how financially beneficial it will be for you. This is what you get from having the retractable hose reels. They help you to get full value for your money as the hose is always protected against early forms of damage.

As long as you have the hose reel in your home and store the hose properly in it, the chances of damage and leakage occurring us usually low. It’s also an ideal way to prevent wear and tear that may come with hoses.

4. Makes Your Garden Look Neater

Not only will this hose reel provide proper hose storage, but it also ensures that your garden maintains a beautiful outlook. If you want to always receive praises for how organized and neat your garden looks, then you must ensure that your hose is stored after watering.

5. Protects Your Hose

Your hose’s protection is mostly assured when you properly store it the proper way. The retractable hose reel will allow your hose to be protected from hard weather conditions, including UV lights.

Even on freezing days and extremely hot days in the summer, your hose will most likely stay protected. The pesticides won’t also find a way to go eat and damage your hose.


There’s no point doubting the fact that the retractable hose reel improves the watering efficiency of your garden. This is why you need to do your part by investing in them.

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